Valentine Day 2018 Collection

Valentine Day 2018 collection by The Flowerful Project. The best bouquets in Dubai. We hand-picked our most popular bouquets, so you don’t have to.  Your loved one is guaranteed to be happy!

Signature Bouquets

Valentine Day Specials

Looking for a Valentine’s Gift?

How about a gift voucher for one of our Workshops or Flowerbox? Just purchase one of these items and mention “Gift Voucher” in the notes during the checkout. Free delivery in Dubai!


We love all things red during Valentine’s. However this high demand for red flowers also drives the price up. All the way to the farms! So it’s not us being greedy. That’s why we promote the #lessRed idea to select flowers outside the red spectrum, so other flowers won’t be sad. And what’s more? You wallet is happy ?